Enterprise Data Management

Pretek recognizes that enterprise data generally moves through four stages:

  1. Applications

  2. Operations

  3. Warehouse

  4. Archive

As data progresses in these stages, it may be analyzed, stored, aggregated, integrated, and shared. Pretek provides services for effectively managing enterprise data across all stages and functional requirements. Pretek consultants have deep database knowledge and experience that provides clients with the innovation, creativity, and technical flexibility required to successfully implement and support large-scale database applications. Due to this significant Enterprise Data Management expertise, Pretek can support complex multi-tier application development.

Enterprise Data Management Services

  1. Data Modeling and Database Design

  2. Database Programming

  3. Performance Tuning and Optimization

  4. Database Management and Administration

  5. Migrations and version upgrades

  6. Backup and recovery planning, testing and implementation

  7. Business Intelligence data analysis and data reporting

  8. Data Warehouse/Data Mart Design and Development

  9. Extract/Transform/Load (ETL) Tools and Procedures

  10. Database Security and Access Control

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